Tina Gets Turned On To New Music

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Tina Gets Turned On To New Music

Hello there my friends! My name is Tina, and I’m a girl who loves 80’s music, as well as recent hits. Recently, however, I had a date with a client who wanted to expose me to the fun associated with country music. I never really listed to this type of music myself, as I always figured only older people liked it. I always thought the songs had a “she done him wrong” type of message. I was wrong, however! Here’s what happened during our date.

I Was Asked To Dress “Country”

My client asked me to dress in country apparel for our date. Right away I was wondering where I would be going and what I would be doing. I head out to a boutique and picked up a cute flannel half shirt, short Daisy Dukes, and a pair of pink cowboy boots. I also found a hat to complete my look. I felt somewhat like I was dressing up for Halloween, but I have to admit, I looked delish! I couldn’t wait to find out what my client had in store for us.

We Hit Some Great Clubs

Instead of me being the one to pick out the nightclubs we would frequent, my client already did the work for us. We head out to country clubs for our date out and about. I learned that country music wasn’t just slow ballads with a drawling vocalist, but upbeat as well. I learned all about country line dancing and really had a blast strutting my stuff on the floor for my client. We ended up being the focal point for all who were around us, and I was totally in my glory. With all the chances for dancing closely to my client, I couldn’t wait until we could get back to his place to be alone.

The Country Theme Continued

When we got to my client’s hotel room, he quickly put some country music on the radio and asked me to strip to it. I was more than willing to do so. I made sure to slide myself out of my shirt and undies without removing my boots and I left on my hat as well. I know I had him shell-shocked. We took ourselves to his bed and I straddled his body and gave him a nude massage he will never forget. I asked him to move around as if he was a bull so that I could do some fantasy “bull-riding”. That sure was fun. We were both laughing so hard. After that, I made sure to provide him with the relaxation he needed after an exciting night full of country fun. Whenever I hear a country song being played, I instantly reminisce about our time together. I sure would like to have another “country night”. Would you be my date and enjoy this with me?

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