Nicole Is A Woman Of Few Words

In Room Service

Massage Girl Nicole

Nicole Is A Woman Of Few Words

Hello there! I am a spokeswoman for my coworker, Nicole. I’m here to tell you about how she communicates with her clients. If you check out her profile, you’ll see she is a beautiful woman. She is from another country, and very exotic! Because she is not from the states, there is a language barrier in place. Nicole, however, knows how to interact with her clients in other ways!

She’s Very Beautiful And Full Of Life

As you can see from Nicole’s pictures, she is extremely beautiful. She has curves in all the right places and that blonde hair and blue eyes that many men desire. She’s an escort who loves going out! If you are into dancing or having dinner with a pretty woman, Nicole is a great choice! You’ll be the envy of every other man in any establishment you visit. Because of Nicole’s background, her accent is mysterious and extremely sexy! 

Please Be Accommodating With This Gorgeous Woman

Nicole is a blonde beauty who moved to the states from Sweden. She hasn’t had enough time to pick up on our language yet, but she does speak a bit of broken English. She knows some standard phrases, but she may have difficulty understanding you when you ask her a question or ask her to do something. Because of this, we ask that you remain patient! Instead of conversing in this type of situation, show her what you are talking about. Use actions instead of words to help teach her!

Nicole Uses Her Body To Convey Her Messages

Since language is a bit of an issue, Nicole tends to use her body to get her messages across to her clients. If she is hungry, she’ll rub her stomach and point to her mouth, for instance. She has gotten better with that in recent days, however. Her coworkers have taught her a few key phrases to help her during her dates. She also shows her desire for clients with a complete hands-on approach. Clients love this! Who wouldn’t want a stunning woman who hangs upon them, touching them and showing their appreciation in this manner?

She’ll Show You All That She Has To Offer

Nicole is extremely sweet and loves closeness. Reach out and hug her if you feel the urge! She loves attention and will reciprocate right away. She is also adept at giving awesome massages! She is from Sweden, after all! She also tends to provide her clients with wonderful strip teases to get them into the mood for more action. She prefers to go out first, however. This gives her a chance to learn about a particular client’s behaviors and demeanor before she bares it all to them. Those who have had dates with Nicole in the past indicated they really enjoyed the way she cuddled them and tended to their fantasies in full.

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