Mandi Gives A Rough Massage

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Massage Girl Mandi

Mandi Gives A Rough Massage

I’m Mandi, and I want my dates to adhere to my rules. I’m a dominatrix, and if I am not listed to, you will pay the price. If you are looking for a sub/dom type of relationship for a night, then hiring me may be exactly what is up your alley. I had a client ask me to be exceptionally rough with him, recently. Here’s what happened during our time together.

We Went Out First

If you are new to the sub/dom scene, you might not know that Vegas has establishments throughout the city where you can play together. These are somewhat like nightclubs, but they are equipped with tools where you can restrain a partner. They have other tools as well so you can punish them if they are naughty. All of this is done with the possibility of onlookers. It is a unique experience if you have never tried it. I love going to these places and I make sure my clients come out of them wanting to please me in any way possible when we get to a place where we are alone.

I Show It All And Expect You To Comply

I love when guys appreciate my beauty. I prefer for them to heed to my every demand and make me feel as if I am the most gorgeous woman in the world. I’ll show you all of myself, if, and only if, you perform actions according to my specifications. For example, during my recent date, I asked him to give me a kiss in public at a time when he felt uncomfortable in doing so. His reward was me baring one of my breasts when he least expected it. I then asked him to buy my something while we are at a shop. His reward was a sneak peek up my skirt. If you want to see my body, you’ll need to do what I ask. If you do not, you’ll have to pay the price. 

Massage Has Never Been So Exhilarating

When we finally got back to my client’s hotel room, I told him to strip down so that I could give him a massage. He had to pay for not complying with a few of my requests. This meant the massage was rougher than he was expecting. I left some marks on that guy’s back. He was begging for me to stop. I told him I would ease up on the pressure if he performed specific actions perfectly. He did. Therefore, the massage became lighter. Don’t get me wrong, throughout this massage, he had a safe word at his disposal in case things were too intense for him. He had asked for this session, so I gave him exactly what he wanted. He was so happy with the outcome, we have another date set up when he visits Vegas on business in the near future.

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